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Meadowlark District

Talking Ag With David & Ross

Tailgate Talk

Tailgate Talk is the opportunity to discuss forage & pasture management in a field setting.  Click on the heading to see resources from the Tailgate Talk.

Eastern Kansas Grazing School

Eastern Kansas Grazing School is a workshop on Management Intensive Grazing for beginning and experienced graziers. 

The science of grassland management and forage production is a complex and challenging subject. Matching the nutrition needs of various classes of livestock to the seasonal distribution of yield and quality of forages is dauting task. Because grazing livestock is selective, unmanaged grazing often results in stands dominated by grass species highly tolerant to grazing or by grasses with poor palatability.  At the school we will discuss these concepts more indepth.

David Hallauer

David Hallauer

District Agent - Crops & Soils, Horticulture
Phone: 785-863-2212
Fax: 785-863-3511

Ross Mosteller

Ross Mosteller

District Agent - Livestock & Natural Resources
Phone:  785-336-2184
Fax:  785-336-6060