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Meadowlark District

4-Her Resources

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Cloverbud Resources

Cloverbud Leader Training
Cloverbud Training Slides
Cloverbud Suggested Activities
Wisconsin Cloverbud Activities

Meadowlark District 4-H Family Handbook


You can download this PDF X-Change Viewer Software. Once downloaded, you can then open the PDF form fillable files, type in them, save them and then print them.  It is recommended that you use the .exe installer option.

You can update your Adobe Reader.  See Records page for more instructions.

Project Record Book Information/Forms
Project Resources

Award, Scholarship & Recognition Forms

Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application

Project Recognition Forms (Record Book Pages) - Click here

Membership Achievement Pins Applications - New Forms for 2024

Guidelines for Member Achievement Pins

1 - 4-H Member Pin
2 - Bronze Pin
3 - Clover Pin
4 - Emerald Pin
5 - Silver Pin
6 - Silver Guard Pin
7 - Leadership Pin
8 - Gold Pin
9 - Gold Guard Pin

Key Award

Ambassador Forms

Ambassador Application

Meadowlark Extension District 4-H Ambassador Policy

Ambassador Reference Form
Ambassador Advisor Application

Meadowlark Extension District 4-H Ambassador Advisor Position Description

Kansas 4-H Ambassador Advisor Guidebook

Kansas Volunteer Code of Ethics

County and Regional Club Day Resources

District Policy Resources

4-H Policy Manual

Policy Resource Attachments

#1  - Meadowlark District 4-H Contact Form
#2  - Kansas 4-H Participation Form/4-H Online
#3  - Meadowlark District Out of District Enrollment Form (for Board)
#4  - Meadowlark Extension District Annual Financial Review Report
#5  - Kansas 4-H Volunteer Screening Flowchart
#6  - Meadowlark Extension District VIPRC form (for Board)
#7  - Kansas 4-H Volunteer Screening Online Orientation
#8  - Volunteer Matching Interest Form
#9  -  Meadowlark Extension District 4-H Ambassador Application
#10 - Meadowlark Extension District 4-H Ambassador Reference Form
#11 - Kansas 4-H Ambassador Position Description
#12 - Meadowlark Extension District 4-H Advisor Application
#13 - Kansas 4-H Ambassador Advisor Position Description
#14 - State of Kansas Animal Health Department Requirements
#15 - MED Show Ring Code of Ethics
#16 - Fair Participant Code of Conduct
#17 - Kansas 4-H Horse Identification Certificate
#18 - Kansas State University Swine Bio-Security Recommendations
#19 - Kansas 4-H Permanent Record (P-1032 Revised 2008)
#20 - Record Book Exchange Schedule
#21 - Meadowlark Extension District Travel Plan
#22 - Meadowlark Extension District Office Policy on Vehicles
#23 - K-State Risk Management Publication
#24 - 4-H Newsletter Submission Dates
#25 - Camp Group Memorandum of Understanding
#26 - Pioneer Trails Camp Group By-Law
#27 - Judging Events/ Qualifying Contests
#28 - Raffle Request Form