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Meadowlark District

2023 Tagging Information

Identification Forms

The forms below can be mailed back to each office or emailed to the office staff.

Holton - 114 W 5th St., carar@ksu.edu or cmcmanigal@ksu.edu

Oskaloosa - P.O. Box 326, gantz@ksu.edu or mbostwick@ksu.edu

Seneca - 1500 Community Dr., dahenry@ksu.edu or ahaverka@ksu.edu

Example of Animal ID Photo

Swine Identification Form

Tagging Instructions

General Tagging Instructions

Tag Placement

Kansas 4-H Tagging Guidelines

Tagging Video

Loading the EID tags

Red Total Tagger

Additional Livestock Fair Related Items

Don't forget to complete your YQCA training online.  Click here for more information.

4-H Fair Code of Conduct   (to be filled out by all 4-H exhibitors annually)

MED Code of Show Ring Ethics (to be filled out once in your 4-H career)

These forms are also on the 4-H Forms page

State Fair Livestock Nomination

Livestock nomination information can be found here

Kansas 4-H EID Tag Change Form for Livestock Nominations

    • Complete this form when an animal loses a Kansas 4-H EID tag.
    • Extension Agent must verify that a new tag is administered into the same animal that was nominated.
    • Return form to ensure proper changes are made to current nominations on file.