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Meadowlark District

2024 Tagging Information

Identification Forms

The swine forms below can be mailed back to each office or emailed to the office staff.

Holton - 114 W 5th St., carar@ksu.edu or cmcmanigal@ksu.edu

Oskaloosa - P.O. Box 326, hroenne@ksu.edu or mpentlin@ksu.edu

Seneca - 1615 Branch St., dahenry@ksu.edu or ahaverka@ksu.edu

Example of Animal ID Photo

Swine Identification Form

Jackson - Holton
2024 Jackson Beef Weights & Tags
2024 Jackson Goat Weights & Tags
2024 Jackson Sheep Weights & Tags
2024 Jackson Swine Tag Numbers

Jefferson - Oskaloosa
2024 Jefferson Beef Weights & Tags
2024 Jefferson Goat Weights & Tags
2024 Jefferson Sheep Weights & Tags
2024 Jefferson Swine Tag Numbers

Nemaha - Seneca
Nemaha Beef Weights & Tags
Nemaha Goat Weights & Tags
Nemaha Sheep Weights & Tags
Nemaha Swine Tag Numbers

Tagging Instructions

General Tagging Instructions

Tag Placement

Kansas 4-H Tagging Guidelines

Tagging Video

Loading the EID tags

Red Total Tagger

Additional Livestock Fair Related Items

Don't forget to complete your YQCA training online.  Click here for more information.

YQCA List - will be updated every couple of weeks

4-H Fair Code of Conduct   (to be filled out by all 4-H exhibitors annually)

MED Code of Show Ring Ethics (to be filled out once in your 4-H career)

These forms are also on the 4-H Forms page

State Fair Livestock Nomination

Livestock nomination information can be found here

Kansas 4-H EID Tag Change Form for Livestock Nominations

    • Complete this form when an animal loses a Kansas 4-H EID tag.
    • Extension Agent must verify that a new tag is administered into the same animal that was nominated.
    • Return form to ensure proper changes are made to current nominations on file.