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Starting May 4, 2020
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Holton Office
114 W. 5th
Holton, KS  66436-1778
Phone: 785-364-4125

Oskaloosa Office
PO Box 326
100 E. Washington
Oskaloosa, KS 66066-0326
Phone: 785-863-2212

Seneca Office
1500 Community Dr
Seneca, KS 66538-9786
Phone: 785-336-2184


Livestock and Natural Resources


Grazing Cattle

We provide science based, objective information about raising livestock sustainably, while protecting our natural resources.

Beef is Healthy for Us and the Environment


Leg & Hoof Problems
Frequently Asked Questions

Equine Herpesvirus Brochure

Informational Videos

Geotextile Fabric
Cow-Grass Visualization
Grazing Stick
2020 Tailgate Talks

Counter Publications


Broomsedge Bluestem
What to do with Dead Livestock

Fly Control
Division of Animal Health Letter
2018 Custom Rates for Kansas

Natural Resources

Blue Green Algae Test
Aquatic Weed Control
Private Drinking Water Wells
Testing of Private Water Wells

Jody's Weekly News Articles by Category

Farm Finance
Natural Resources

 Water Wednesday

soil cleans water



Jody Holthaus

Jody Holthaus

District Agent - Livestock & Natural Resources
Holton Office
114 W. 5th St.
Holton, KS  66436
Phone:  785-364-4125
Fax:  785-364-4775