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Holton Office
114 W. 5th
Holton, KS  66436-1778
Phone: 785-364-4125

Oskaloosa Office
PO Box 326
100 E. Washington
Oskaloosa, KS 66066-0326
Phone: 785-863-2212

Seneca Office
1500 Community Dr
Seneca, KS 66538-9808
Phone: 785-336-2184


Livestock and Natural Resources


We provide science based, objective information about raising livestock sustainably, while protecting our natural resources.cow calf pair


Leg & Hoof Problems
Division of Animal Health Letter
Frequently Asked Questions
Equine Herpesvirus Brochure
2018 Custom Rates for Kansas

Counter Publications

Broomsedge Bluestem
What to do with Dead Livestock

Fly Control


Does History Repeat?
Cow needs depend upon many factors

Planning for Spring Calving Herds

Thanksgiving & Upcoming Events

House Keeping

Upcoming Beef Events
Migration of Cattle from Pasture to Home

Energy Fair

Research on Calf Castration

Do Darts Deliver?

Cell Phones

Preg Check Your Cows

Weaning Calves

Magic Potions


Cow Poop

Grazing Plan

Drought Continues

Testing Forages
Old World Bluestem grasses

Methane Emissions

Livestock & Drought Conditions

Hay Management

Grazing Series #2

May is Beef Month

Ag Festivals

Out to Grass

Cattle are Upcyclers

Stockpiling Tall Fescue - Start Planning Now

What does it cost?

Tonight's Special is Rocky Mountain Oysters

He who stirs the pot, needs to lick the spoon

Women in Ag

Computers Love/Hate Relationship

Never Too Late

Of All The Crazy Things

The Highs and Lows

Different Types of Beef

The Good, The Bad, and  The Ugly

Tis the Season

Lease 101

Wagons Ho!

What Happened to Customer Service?

Bull Battery

The start of the third trimester

Everything but the Squeal

Haters Gonna Hate

Put the farm to bed


Know your cover crops before grazing

Ode to a Cow

Nature of the Beast

Cattle Handling Facility Designs Publication

Early Preg Check on Heifers

Blue-Green Algae

Effects of Temperature & Temperature-Humidity on Pregnancy Rate in Beef Cows

Blue-Green Take Away
Custom Rates & Blue Green Algae

Summer is Half Over

Moss & Algae on Ponds & Tanks

Blue-Green Algae

June is Dairy Month

Most Favored Herd Cow

Life Skills
Ag Day 2017 Wrap Up

May is Beef Month

Multii-species Grazing can improve utilization of pastures

Something to be Said!

Green Pastures

Fly Control

Bull Buying Season

Dairy Farming Noble Tradition

Wildfires & Suckling Calf Implants

Cell Phones & Skittles

When to start grazing cool-season pastures

No Pinocchio Stories

Many Animals Science Meetings coming up

Don't talk politics & religion

From Llamas to Lodging

Sunshine on my shoulder

Ag is the Bread & Butter

Cattle Temperament

Baby Calves and Snow

How the reindeer do it

Peanut Butter Balls & Genes
Where does your food come from?

Little Red Hen

Big Bucks, Baby Beef, & Basic Bees
KSU Calving School

Don't Rush the Season

Cattle Working Facilities

Comparing Protein Costs

Why You Should Care About Antibiotic Resistance

Record Keeping Time

Weaning Time

To Dart or Not to Dart

Grazing School 16 in the books!



Last Call for Grazing School

Yucky Water

Livestock Workshop Aug 19th

Life Lessons At The Fair

Fair Time & Blue-Green Algae

Eastern Kansas Grazing School

The Simple Life

Passing Down the Farm

June is Dairy Month - Dairy Workshop

Adaptation to Survive

June is Dairy Month!

May is Beef Month!

Growth Promotants in Beef
Planning for Farm and Ranch Succession Information
The Cost of Leasing Land

Lease Agreements
How Kansas Winters Impact Livestock
Body Condition Scores for Calves
Tube Feeding 101
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza
Implants in Nursing Calves
Basic Dairy Needs

Natural Resources

Blue Green Algae Test
Aquatic Weed Control

Private Drinking Water Wells
Testing of Private Water Wells

Water Wednesday

soil cleans water

News Releases

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Jody Holthaus

Jody Holthaus
District Agent - Livestock & Natural Resources
Holton Office
114 W. 5th St.
Holton, KS  66436
Phone:  785-364-4125
Fax:  785-364-4775