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Meadowlark District

School Enrichment

The 4-H School Enrichment program provides educators with the opportunity to bring 4-H into the classroom. We have a wide variety of curriculum materials available for educators. These teaching tools are prepared to provide you with activities that will enrich your existing program. In 2018 1224 youth participated in the school enrichment program in the Meadowlark Extension District. Please contact us if you would like more information.

Learn play grow

Here are some of the tools available:

ButterflyButterflies - Pre-K to 5th grade

ChickChick Embryology (Egg Incubation) - K to 5th grade

Glo-germGlo-Germ Hand Washing - Pre-K to 5th grade

BreadWheat Science (Bread in a Bag) - K to 5th grade

FrogAcres of Adventures - K to 5th grade

Plant Junior Master Gardener - 1st to 5th grade

ReadingReading Makes Cents - 2nd to 5th grade

ScienceScience Discovery - 2nd to 6th grade

CloverExploring the Treasures of 4-H - K to 6th grade

  • F.A.R.M. - Farm Assorted Resources Materials - K to 5th grade
  • Ag in the Classroom - K to 5th grade

Important Forms

Brochure & Reservation Form

Classroom reporting form


Cara Robinson

Cara Robinson
District 4-H Program Manager