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Lawn and Garden

Tomatoes dying? Moles ruining your lawn? Need a soil test? The Meadowlark Extension District is here to assist! From publications to personal visits to support from horticultural specialists at K-State Research & Extension, we have a number of ways to help make your garden more productive, lawn look greener, and even provide information on how to get rid of your less than favorite pest!

butterfly on coneflower

Have a specific problem?

You may bring soil, turf, weed, and insect samples to our offices and they will be sent to Kansas State University for evaluation. Suggested treatments or solutions will be provided through your local agent.

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Informational Videos

Trees and Shrubs

Weekly News Articles

Drought Tolerant Gardening
Prepare Your Soil for Spring
Planting Fall Cover Crops
Fall Garden Checklist
It's Time To Fertilize Cool Season Grasses
USGS Wants Your Dead Butterflies
Brown Spots In Your Lawn
It's Time to Plant Fall Crops
The Emerald Ash Borer is Confirmed in NE Kansas
Tomato Leaf Curl
Organic Mulches For Your Garden
Can Your Phone Identify Plants For You?
Bagworm Hatch
Tree Health Evaluation
Hackberry Butterfly
Tomato Diseases
Bagworms Already?
Caterpillar Feeding in Trees
Turfgrass Issues Abound     Audio Version
Proper Pesticide Use
Orchardgrass in Lawns
Fruit Tree Frost/Freeze Injury to Fruit Trees
Fruit Tree Fertilization
How Low Should You Go?
Disease/Insect Management Ideas for Apple Trees
Evergreens Not Green
Rust - On Pears?
Wild Onion/Garlic
Using a Soil Thermometer
Pruning Overgrown Apple Trees
Pruning Fruit Trees
Fruit Trees Frost Tolerance
Truth or Myth - Planting Muskmelons Next to Cucumbers Will Change Their Taste??
Truth or Myth - Coffee Grounds to Lower pH
Truth or Myth - Pesticide Toxicity
Truth or Myth - Adding Sand to Clay Soils
Vegetable Garden Planting...Guide
Old Garden Seed
Preferred Trees for NEK     Audio Version
Emerald Ash Borer
Volunteer Tree Control - Use Caution
Dormant Seeding of Turfgrass
Management of Eastern Redcedar with Herbicides
Wood Ashes as a Fertilizer Source
Excluding Rabbits
Poultry Litter
Was the Rain Enough?      Audio Version
Late Season Turfgrass Nitrogen
Multicolored Asian Lady Beetles
Late Lawn Seedings
Pruning Trees & Shrubs in the Fall
Tall in the Fall? Turf Mowing Heights BMP's
Sunscald Prevention
Adding Organic Material to the Garden
Soil Sampling Challenges
Overseeding Lawns
Cool Season Turf Fertilization
Spring Flowering Shrub Management
Quality Grass Seed
Are "Free" Wood Chips a Good Thing?
Lilac Leaf Spot
Iris Division Time
Blister Beetles
Japanese Beetles
Tomato Leaf-Spot Diseases
Cumulative Stress to Trees & Shrubs
Squash Bugs
Pesticide Labels
Bristly Rose Slug
Trees Slow to Leaf Out
Why Didn't My Garden Produce? - Soil Fertility
Why Didn't My Garden Produce? - Rain
Why Didn't My Garden Produce? - Wind
Fruit Tree Pests Part II
Fruit Tree Pests
Henbit & Chickweed in Lawns
Early Season Turf Mowing Height
Planting Time Aid:  Kansas Mesonet    Audio Version
Bolting & Buttoning in Cole Crops
Pruning Back Ornamental Grasses
Flower Beds Weed Prevention
Soil Testing the Lawn/Garden
Prune Fruit Trees Now
2021 Tomato Trials
Plants Recommended for Kansas
Tree Starting Success
Did You Know: Poison Ivy
Watering...In Winter?
Mouse Damage to Fruit Trees/Plants     Audio Version
Bush Honeysuckle
Natural Needle Drop
Tree Leaf Management
Cool Season Turfgrass Nitrogen Applications
Perennial Garden Clean-up
Broadleaf Weed Control in Lawns
Working Garden Soil in the Fall
Tall in the Fall?  Turf Questions Answered
Preventing Sunscald
Planting Trees in the Fall
Cool Season Turfgrass Fertilization - Round One     Audio Version
'Other Crop' on the Seed Label
Watering Newly Planted Trees & Shrubs
Squash Bugs
Physiological Leaf Curl in Tomatoes
Bagworms Have Hatched
Slug Damage
Dandelion Control in the Spring
Poison Ivy Identification & Control
Bagworm Scouting - Put it on the Calendar
Looking Ahead Lawn Calendar - Cool Season Grasses
Thinking Ahead to Spring
Tree Leaf Disposal

Turf Fertilization Window #2 - Now Open!

Lawn Weed Control Time

Garden Tillage Best Done in the Fall