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Meadowlark District

Jackson Events and Information

Power of Youth

Reminder to all 4-Hers: The re-enrollment process begins October 1. The re-enrollment process must be completed in the month of October. Don't forget! If you are not going to re-enroll in 4-H please let your local extension office know. 

How to Join 4-H

2022 Jackson County Fair Information

Fair is July 25-28
Carnival is July 26-30

2021 JA Co. Fairbook cover

2022 Fair Newsletter
2022 Jackson County Fairbook
2022 Fair Schedule
Fair Participant Code of Conduct
Premium Sale Requirements
2022 Food Auction Flyer
2022 Livestock Sale Flyer
Livestock Sale Buyer Form
Livestock Sale Buyer Add-On Buyer Form
What does the fair ribbon color mean?
2022 Trophy Sponsors

Open Class - Residents of Jackson County

Register online at Jackson-KS.fairentry.com
     Open Class Fair Entry Instructions
Exhibit Check-In:
     Sunday, July 24 from 6:00-7:00 PM
     Monday, July 25 from 8:00-11:00 AM

Fair Project Schedules

Bucket Calf
Buymanship Displays
Clothing Buymanship Consultation Judging
Clothing Textiles/Fashion Revue
Table Settings

Fair Resources

Upcoming 2023 Jackson County Fair:

Fair - July 17-20
Carnival - July 18-22

2022-2023 4-H Ambassadors & Jr Ambassadors


  • Faith Bloom, Soldier Boosters
  • Olivia Rickel, Hoyt Livewires
  • Lorna Smith, Straight Arrows 
  • Emma Deghand, Hoyt Livewires 
  • Aaralynn Allen, Straight Arrows 
  • Kailei Mitchell, Mayetta Mustangs 
  • Cole Kucan, Lucky Stars 
  • Blade Montgomery, Lucky Stars 
  • Cash Robinson, Lucky Stars 

Jr Ambassadors

  • Cyrus Harding, Mayetta Mustangs
  • Emberlee Allen, Straight Arrows 
  • Kennedy Smith, Straight Arrows 
  • Brooke Slipke, North Jackson Jets 
  • Christan Kucan, Lucky Stars 

2022-2023 4-H Council Officers   Gavel

President: Haden Doyle, Straight Arrows
Vice President: Tristan Simpson-Worley, Soldier Boosters
Secretary: Josie Buck, Soldier Boosters
Treasurer: Faith Bloom, Soldier Boosters
Reporter:  Emma Deghand, Hoyt Livewires

4-H Council Meetings are held every other month on the 2nd Thursday.  The next meeting is June 10.  Watch for e-mails for future meetings.

4-H Council Bylaws


2022 Fair Association Directors

President: Melvin Bailey          Secretary: Deb Dillner
Vice Pres.: Brent Nelson        Treasurer/Facilities Mgr: Mickie Schultz

Barb Albright, Aaron Allen, Cody Askren, Kristel Bontrager, Carmen Cattrell, Ben Ehrhart, Jordan Foster, Luke Kennedy, Matt McCauley, Jerry Nelson, Tim Parks.


Holton Office Local Events

 Click here to see more 4-H events

4-H Contacts

Cara Robinson

Cara Robinson

District 4-H Program Manager
114 W 5th St.
Holton, KS  66436
Phone: 785-364-4125

Clay Roland

Clay Roland (June 13)

District Extension Agent - 4-H Youth Development
P.O. Box 326
100 E Washington
Oskaloosa, KS  66066
Phone: 785-863-2212