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Meadowlark District

Project Resources

4-H offers a wide variety of subject matter through its many projects. Youth enrolled in community clubs will have the opportunity to take part in many of the projects with the assistance of a project leader. The Kansas 4-H site has a number of excellent resources for projects. Although there is a wealth of information on the State Project Pages, Meadowlark District 4-Hers must use district project record sheets, not the state generic record sheet found on those pages.

Check out the project pages and the library of publications to see what materials are available.  You can explore the State Project Selection Guide and the Meadowlark project selection guide.  Here are some citizenship ideas for 4-H projects.

Our district maintains an inventory of the Ohio State Learning Labs in a variety of projects.  The following projects are available for check out:  Beef, Dairy, Dog, Goat, Horse, Plant Science, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, Swine.

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q- How many projects should a 4-H member enroll in?

A- There are no firm rules for how many projects a member should enroll in. However, beginning members may want to limit their project selection to one or two for the first year. Older 4-H members may want to consider all obligations for their time as they select projects. Consider time commitments for school, extra curricular activities, work and social schedules.

Q- What if I don’t see the project I am interested in on the list?

A- Let us know what project you are interested in, and we will do our best to try to accommodate for that. There is a self-determined project that those youth interested in something that is not on the list can be entered in.

Livestock Information

Visit your local office page for more specific fair related rules.
Livestock Judging Resources - see the links below

K-State 4-H livestock judging manual
Iowa State University 4-H Livestock Judging Resources page
University of Kentucky Animal & Food Sciences
Mississippi State 4-H Livestock Judging manual
Texas A&M Judging Manual

Electronic ID

In order to show livestock at the Kansas State Fair & the Kansas Junior Livestock show, livestock must have the EID tag in place before entry time. Meadowlark District is utilizing this technology at the local level as well. Here is some general Electronic ID tag information.

Nomination information can be found below.

Below is a list of the many projects our 4-H'ers may participate in:

Project Selection Guide


Animal Science


Bucket Calf

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Goat


4-H Dog Immunization Record


4-H Horse Identification Form

Meat Goat






Estimating Pig Weights - Do you need help estimating your 4-H pig's weight?  This link will show you how to measure and estimate the weight.

Communication & Expressive Arts


Performing Arts


Visual Arts

Consumer & Family Science

Sewing & Textile Design (Construction)

Shopping in Style (Buymanship)

Family Studies

Fiber Arts

Foods & Nutrition

Health & Wellness

Interior Design & Architecture

Engineering & Technology

Engineering & Technology - Includes Aerospace/Rocketry, Ag Mechanics Welding, Astronomy, Building Block Engineering, Computer Science, Electric & Renewable Energy, Robotics, Small Engines, Uncrewed Aircraft Systems and Woodworking

Leadership & Personal Development

Civic Engagement (Citizenship)


Reading Adventures



Natural Resources

Environmental Science


Shooting Sports


Plant & Environmental Science




Horticulture & Landscape Design