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Meadowlark District

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Holton Office
114 W. 5th
Holton, KS  66436-1778
Phone: 785-364-4125

Oskaloosa Office
PO Box 326
100 E. Washington
Oskaloosa, KS 66066-0326
Phone: 785-863-2212

Seneca Office
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Project Record

4-H CloverYou can download this PDF X-Change Viewer Software. Once downloaded, you can then open the PDF form fillable files, type in them, save them and then print them.  It is recommended that you use the .exe installer option.

You can update your Adobe Reader.

We recommend that you download and save these records to your computer to protect against losing your work.

Achievement Pin applications click here and scroll to the bottom of the page

4-H Personal Page

Permanent Record in Word or form fillable

Permanent Record Example

Record sheets are offered in two record types, a general record for all non-animal projects and one for the projects with animals.  You still need to complete one record sheet for each project area enrolled in.  (Ex: one general record for photography, one general record for visual arts & crafts, one general record for foods, and one animal record for bucket calf.)   You still must complete a personal page and the permanent record each year in addition to the project record sheets. 

For the 2019-2020 4-H year, Meadowlark Extension will be piloting the state record reports.  You will find them below in PDF form fill.  As part of the pilot project, if you come across something in the record that doesn't work or is not correct please let us know so that the State 4-H office can fix the issue.  Part of the pilot is testing the online record reports found in ZSuite.  Click here for the online records.
If you are a 4-H member in a Pilot Unit, these help links will get you started.
Creating a ZSuite Account
Creating Record Books
Zsuite Help Links
Intro to Zsuite User Video

Give us your feedback on Project Records.  Click here.

Junior General Project Report
Ages 7-9

Junior Animal Project Report Ages 7-9      Optional Breeding Record

Intermediate General Project Report Ages 10-13

Intermediate Animal Project Report Ages 10-13      Optional Breeding Record

Senior General Project Report Ages 14-18 (2020 will use the Intermediate Reports)

Senior Animal Project Report Ages 14-18 (2020 will use the Intermediate Reports)      Optional Breeding Record


Project Goal Planning Guide

4-H Record Book Tips

MED Record Book Check-sheet

Individual Project Nomination Form

Project Records Score Sheet

Record Book Training Slides

KAP Form (to be used by 4-Hers applying for a state award beyond the local level.)