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Meadowlark District

Tailgate Talks

Tailgate Talk is the opportunity to discuss forage & pasture management in a field setting.

Sept 13, 2022 Tailgate Talk Resources

Livestock Management Handout

Click here for Ross Mosteller's presentation on "Utilizing Cover Crops for Livestock Production".

Click here for David Hallauer's presentation on "Fall Fertility Management".

Click here for Dustin Schwandt's, NRCS Range Conservationist, presentation on "Grazing Stick - How to determine grazing heights."

Click here for Lily Woitaszweski's, KSU Weed Science Graduate Student, presentation on "Grazed Winter Cover Crops - Are we affecting the ability of cover crops to suppress weeds?"



David Hallauer

David Hallauer

District Agent - Crops & Soils, Horticulture
Phone: 785-863-2212
Fax: 785-863-3511

Ross Mosteller

Ross Mosteller

District Agent - Livestock & Natural Resources
Phone:  785-336-2184
Fax:  785-336-6060