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Meadowlark District

Eastern Kansas Grazing School

Eastern Kansas Grazing School is a workshop on Management Intensive Grazing for beginning and experienced graziers. 

The science of grassland management and forage production is a complex and challenging subject. Matching the nutrition needs of various classes of livestock to the seasonal distribution of yield and quality of forages is dauting task. Because grazing livestock is selective, unmanaged grazing often results in stands dominated by grass species highly tolerant to grazing or by grasses with poor palatability.  At the school we will discuss these concepts more indepth.

2017 Presentations

Animal Behavior & Grazing Management

Electric Wire Fence Tips

Forages to Fill the Gap

Soil & Plant Basics

Layout and Design with Paddock

Livestock Water Systems

MiG Intro

Weed & Brush

2016 Presentations

Introduction to Management intensive Grazing Art & Science of Grazing

Design and Layout of Grazing Systems

Livestock Watering Systems

Soil and Plant Basics

Contacts for School

Ross Mosteller
District Agent - Livestock & Natural Resources
Phone:  785-336-2184

David Hallauer
District Agent - Crops & Soils, Horticulture
Phone: 785-364-4125