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Meadowlark District

News Articles 2022 and Older

Stress in Agriculture   Audio Version 
Considering Sulphur
Management of Eastern Redcedar with Herbicides     Audio Version
Farm Transition
Poultry Litter
Kansas Custom Rates
Tar Spot
Basal Bark Herbicide Applications
Cut Stump Herbicide Applications
The Effects of Late Season Usage on Cool Season Grasses
Soil Sampling Challenges
Cover Crop Evaluations
Fall Forage Management
Liming Acid Soils
Still Recovering - Armyworms 2021
Hemp Dogbane
Fungicide Applications in Corn
Plant Nutrient Analysis - Corn
Hay Harvest Plant Response
Pesticide Labels
Hay Harvest Height
Cool Season Grass Season Part II
Cool Season Grass Season
Forage Recovery - Video Summary
Effects of Late Season Usage on Cool Season Grasses
Water Requirements
Multi-stemmed Brush Species - Roughleaf Dogwood
Multi-stemmed Brush Species - Buckbrush
Corn/Soybean Inputs:  Sugar
      University of Wisconsin Resource
      Ohio State Resource
      University of Nebraska
Cold Snap & Insect Life
Sulfur Management in Brome
Broomsedge Bluestem - Considerations for Control
Broomsedge Bluestem - Why it thrives
Weed Seed Movement - A Wisconsin Case Study

      Link to Wisconsin Study
Managing Forages in the Early Fall

Row Crop Diseases & Fungicide Resistance

Missouri Nitrogen Studies

Soybean Residue - Worth More Than You Think

Alternative Corn N Sources/Timing

Fertility Management of Cool Season Forages

Soybean Fertility Considerations
Nitrogen Loss in Wet Soils