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Meadowlark District

Gray for a Day

Grades: 4-8
Time: 45 minutes


Gray for a Day utilizes an empathic model to educate participants on the age-related sensory and functional challenges that older adults might face. Participants will get to "gear up" to discover what it is like to live with age-related conditions.  This program makes sense of the sensory losses older adults may face in touch, smell, taste, eyesight and hearing.

Availability: This class can be taught anytime.  It is required to have 4 weeks of advance notice to schedule the lesson.

Lesson Objectives: 

  • Understand how the senses and functional abilities can decline with age.
  • Experience age-related sensory and functional decline.
  • Understand the influence of sensory and functional decline on daily life.
  • Be encouraged to develop the skills necessary to effectively interact with and support someone who may be experiencing age-related sensory and functional challenges.
  • Understand how taking steps to improve or maintain your health now will contribute to sensory and functional well-being in the future.