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News Articles 2023

Exploring Row Crop Soil Health Practices
Corn & Soybean Schools
Poultry Litter As A Fertilizer Source
Woody Encroachment - How Bag Is It?
Broomsedge Bluestem - Fertility Management Considerations     Audio
Soybean Cyst Nematode Sampling
The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year
Rental Arrangement Resources     Audio
Why 50 Degrees?
Fall Herbicide Applications - Beyond The Weeds
Fall Musk Thistle Control
Soil Testing Forage Stands
Fall Forage Stand Evaluations
Soybean SDS
Small Grain Cereal Options
Variability in Soil Sampling
Harvest Weed Managment
Safety During Harvest
Effects of Late Season Usage on Cool Season Grasses
Late Season Weed Control Evaluations     Audio
Soybean Insects and Defoliation
More Heat Stress - Effects on Soybeans
Stressing the Corn Crop
Hemp Dogbane      Audio Version
Post Harvest Hay Field Evaluations
Tar Spot Confirmation - What Does it Mean?
What To Expect From Fungicide Applications To Corn
Summer Monitoring
Hackberry Butterfly & Fall Army Worms
Hay Harvest Heights
Early Summer Sericea Control
Early Fungicide Applications to Corn
Soybean Seedling Diseases      Audio Version
Proper Pesticide Use
Soybean Seed Treatment
Grass Growth & Development - Get... Ready...
Applicator Certification     Audio Version
Native Grass Establishment
Tar Spot
Weed/Brush Control Practices