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4-H Volunteer Opportunities in Meadowlark Extension District

How could you inspire the next generation?

There are many ways in which individuals may volunteer for 4-H. While many 4-H volunteer roles involve working with youth, others do not. Here are a few of the ways you can volunteer as well as a brief description:

A youth volunteer is an older 4-H member with the ability to function in any 4-H volunteer role. Examples include mentoring younger 4-H members, serving on a 4-H Committee, Camp Counselor, 4-H Ambassador, Junior Leader, etc.

A 4-H Committee member is an individual who contributes time, energy, resources, or talent to any 4-H sponsored committee.

A special emphasis volunteer is an individual who works with a 4-H group which offers a series of activities designed to meet the needs and interests of youth within a community.

A club leader is an individual who works with a 4-H community or project club. The club leader's function is to assist the club's members as they plan the club's program, conduct club business, and enroll individually or as a group in one or more 4-H projects. They also serve as the primary liaison between the district 4-H professionals and the club's membership, parents, and other advisors in that club.

A project leader assists 4-H members with project experience in a given subject matter area.

A cloverbud leader works with cloverbud members at the club level to provide the introductory experience to 4-H.  This person needs to be a trained, screened volunteer.  For more information on cloverbuds visit the cloverbud website.

A SPIN Club leader typically just requires a short term commitment. Whether your passion is sailing, robotics, community theater or ... whatever! 4-H SPIN (SPecial INterest) Clubs offer a new way for you to share your skills and knowledge with youth in your community. Please check out our SPIN Club Website for more details.

A Project/Event Judge helps by judging a specific project or event. The County Fair and 4-H Club Day are the two main events where judges are needed. At the fair, judges will judge a specific project. At Club Day, judges will judge the events that take place.  

Although most people think that 4-H volunteers work with 4-H members, this need not be the case. A person or group may volunteer for 4-H by assisting Extension staff, other 4-H adult volunteers, by working on special projects, or by helping at the fair, camp, school enrichment or other events. 4-H volunteers may work in their home, at the Extension office, at a camp or fairgrounds, or almost anywhere. Contact your local Extension Agent to make him/her aware of your interest and abilities. There is probably a volunteer opportunity waiting to be fulfilled.